The Blades That Set Our Hearts On Fire: The Different Figure Skating Blade Models in Yuri!!! on ICE

It’s a well-known fact that the creators and MAPPA didn’t half-ass their research when it came to the figure skating aspect of the show. Accurate figure skating season timeline? Check. Varied figure skating programs with correct elements? Check. Showcase different figure skating blade models? Check.

Wait, what?

Figure skating blades, the little killing machines that are used to cut through the ice instead of someone’s throat. (Unless of course you plan on performing the Iron Lotus, in which case feel free to “accidentally” slice your partner’s throat with the blade.)

No skaters were harmed in the making of this probably fake scene.

But I digress. Much like ballet dancers who darn and lace their own pointe shoes, each figure skater has a boot and blade that is unique to them. Majority of elite skaters use either MK Blades or John Wilson Blades, though those aren’t the only brands available on the market. Let’s explore the characters’ blades, shall we?

Yuri Katsuki: John Wilson Gold Seal



This is a common choice for top skaters, including Russian Overlord the reigning World Figure Skating Champion Evgenia Medvedeva.

Victor Nikiforov: John Wilson Pattern 99


Victor’s blade is unfortunately hard to identify due to the lack of clear toe picks or brand etchings on the blade itself. Thankfully, Denis Vasilijevs shed light on this by tweeting that Stephane Lambiel uses John Wilson Pattern 99 blades  – customized to be gold, of course. What’s interesting to note is that Victor competes with gold blades whereas other skaters use it for exhibitions and ice shows, usually after retiring from competitive skating, such as Stephane Lambiel, whose blades they’re modeled after.

Phichit Chulanont: Jackson Ultima Matrix 2



Jackson makes excellent skates and blades but it’s not a common choice for elite skaters. Interestingly enough, this is also Michael Christian Martinez’s blade. We see what you did there, MAPPA.

And then we have the new generation of blades, the Revs.

Revolution blades were introduced less than a decade ago but has become an increasingly common choice for skaters, especially the men, due to its lighter material and great flexibility. Better blades mean more quads and (hopefully) not as many skaters leaving the rink in a wheelchair.


Yuri Plisetsky: John Wilson Gold Seal Rev



Yuri had his customized to be black to match what he thinks is the color of his soul. This is an upgraded version of the traditional Gold Seal blades, the one where Yuri Katsuki’s is patterned from. Maybe the creators wanted them to share something other than their first name.

Jean-Jacques Leroy: John Wilson Pattern 99 Rev



This isn’t a surprising choice for JJ considering his numerous quads. This is also Yuzuru Hanyu’s blade of choice. No wonder they were featured on the same magazine in Episode 12!

Sara Crispino: MK Phantom Rev



Majority of the ladies tend to stick to traditional blades, though Revs are on the rise as well. Considering her signature jump is a triple lutz-triple loop, she needs all the elevation she can get.

And that’s it! Did I miss out on any other blades featured on the show? Let me know in the comment section down below!


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