How To Take Care of Your Ice Skates

As previously reported, SM Skating acquired new rental skates. Others, though, have started to buy their own skates for recreational purposes, and to altogether do away with having to queue for skates. To get the most out of your skates, here are a few tips to make them last longer!

Pick the right size for your feet. Loose skates mean unstable skating while too-small skates mean the constant scratching of toes against the skate, not to mention sore feet during and after skating. Rinks usually have measuring stations where you can verify the size of your feet, so get yourself measured beforehand.

Wear clean, dry socks that go above the ankle. This is for hygienic purposes, as less direct contact with the skates means less bacteria. Keep a spare pair in your bag too for after you skate!

Know how to lace them up properly. In addition to making them break down faster, improperly laced skates also make them uncomfortable to skate in. Tie them a bit loosely at the bottom, just enough for your toes to have wiggle room. Gradually tighten them as your reach the hole nearest to your heel where it should be the tightest, and then lessen the tension as you go up the hooks. This gives your feet the most support and reduces wear and tear for the skates.

Don’t forget to wipe them down! A damp or wet blade invites rust and shortens its lifespan. Before keeping your skates (or surrendering them, in the case of rentals), wipe them down with a dry towel. Less rust means less money to shell out in the future!

If you have your own skates or regularly skate in rentals, invest in skate guards and soakers. The guards keep your blades sharp and skate-ready as you walk around or outside the rink. If you prefer to take off your skates during breaks, the soakers absorb excess moisture and keep them dry.

Do you have any tried and tested methods for taking care of your skates? Share them with us!

(Header image and skate tying guide, courtesy of Edea Skates.)


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