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Nebelhorn Trophy, Road to Olympics: Who’ll Make It? – Part 2

Competition is extremely tight with the ladies as over thirty of them vie for a spot in the 2018 Olympics. With so many contenders at almost-similar skill levels, who among them have that edge that set them above the rest of the competition?


Alexia Paganini, Switzerland

Personal Best Total:        162.27
Personal Best SP:             53.60
Personal Best FS:             100.16

Alexia Paganini debuted as a senior in the Slovenia Open 2017 where she placed first and set new personal best scores despite minor errors in both her short and free skate. She has shown consistent performances since her junior days and if she keeps this up, she’s a shoo-in for the Olympics.

Kailani Craine, Australia

Personal Best Total:        163.38
Personal Best SP:             56.97
Personal Best FS:             110.07

She placed 24th at 2017 Worlds. She started this season at the Slovenia Open 2017 where she placed second with a combined score of 159.96, and then at 2017 Ondrej Nepela Trophy with a combined score of 157.84. Despite the slight mishaps with downgraded jumps, her performances were still relatively solid. There’s no contest; she will qualify for the Olympics if she performs at the same level or higher in Nebelhorn.

Matilda Algotsson, Sweden

Personal Best Total:        154.63
Personal Best SP:             52.43
Personal Best FS:             103.28

She placed 13th at Europeans but withdrew from 2017 Worlds, missing her first chance to get a spot for her country in the 2018 Olympics. In the 2017 Lombardia Trophy, she finished with a combined score of 149.88. Her skating skills are enough to bring her score up and compensate for her fall in the free skate, and if she performs at the same level then she has a very good chance of getting Sweden into the Olympics.


Amy Lin, Taipei

Personal Best Total:        155.61
Personal Best SP:             57.50
Personal Best FS:             107.73

She finished 28th at 2017 Worlds and did not make it to the free skate. This season, she placed 6th in the 2017 Asian Open with a combined score of 117.59. She has not had a clean free skate this season, and she’ll need to pull out all the stops if she plans to get anywhere near her personal best scores – as well as that coveted spot for the 2018 Olympics.

Anastasia Galustyan, Armenia

Personal Best Total:        162.68
Personal Best SP:             58.51
Personal Best FS:             104.17

Anastasia came in 23rd at the 2017 World Championships. This season, she placed 19th at the 2017 Lombardia Trophy with a combined score of 130.36. A fall in her short program and two other falls in her free skate pulled her score down, but if she manages to stay on her feet then there’s a very good chance that she’ll grab one spot for her country.

Anna Khnychenkova, Ukraine

Personal Best Total:        154.02
Personal Best SP:             53.06
Personal Best FS:             100.16

Anna started this season at the Slovenia Open 2017 where she placed 6th with a combined score of 138.85. Despite a clean short program where she finished in second place, two falls and a time violation really hurt her chances to get on the podium. That score is likely enough to earn her country a spot in Pyeongchang, but she can’t afford to risk so many falls in Nebelhorn.

Anne Line Gjersem, Norway

Personal Best Total:        156.71
Personal Best SP:             56.12
Personal Best FS:             100.59

Anne qualified for the 2014 Sochi Olympics when she placed 7th at the 2013 Nebelhorn Trophy. Last season, she did not make the free skate at 2017 Worlds and finished 34th. Recently, she placed 16th at Lombardia Trophy with a combined score of 131.92. While her short program was relatively clean with 52.23 points, the fall and downgraded jump in her free skate really pulled down her score. She’ll need to land all of her jumps without errors in Nebelhorn if she wants to compete a second time in the Olympics.

Dasa Grm, Slovenia

Personal Best Total:        150.32
Personal Best SP:             52.81
Personal Best FS:             97.51

Dasa finished 7th at the Slovenia Open 2017 with a combined score of 137.13. Her invalid element and fall in the short program pulled down her score along with two falls in the free skate. She’ll need to rely on more than her good PCS if she wants to cinch one spot for her country in the Olympics.

Kerstin Frank, Austria

Personal Best Total:        151.98
Personal Best SP:             52.35
Personal Best FS:             99.63

Kerstin Qualified for the 2014 Olympics by placing 9th at the 2013 Nebelhorn Trophy. She recently finished 12th at the Slovenia Open 2017 with a combined score of 115.77, after an invalid single axel at the short program and various underrotated and downgraded jumps in the free skate. Kerstin can’t afford to play safe in Nebelhorn, and she’ll need to land her triples if she wants a second round at the Olympics.

Viveca Lindfords, Finland

Personal Best Total:        157.06
Personal Best SP:             55.61
Personal Best FS:             109.97

She placed 10th at the ISU Junior Grand Prix Riga Cup 2017 with a combined score of 136.94 after a fall in her short program and underrotated jump combination in her free skate. She needs to skate clean and skate well if she wants to clinch her chance to snag a spot for Finland in the Olympics.

For the most part, though, it’s really anyone’s game. Other skaters to watch out for are Isadora Williams (Brazil) who will attempt to qualify for her second round at the Olympics, as well as Shuran Yu (Singapore) and Alisson Krystle Perticheto (Philippines) who will be competing after winning gold and bronze respectively at the 2017 SEA Games.

Who are your bets? Do you think Southeast Asia will finally have a representative for the Ladies discipline? Let us know in the comments below!


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